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Thursday, February 10, 2011

mak nak stu!!!

yup!!! n 85 hanpon idaman nie...smpat pkai sminggu jer adess pastu rusak!! hurmmmm...hope lpas ni dpat lagi warghhhh mak blikan yg ni stuuuuuuu......

I made some research and I was trying to look for a phone with the functions I need.
Was looking for a decent camera, GPS, 3G and something where I can get some cool apps.
I had a some liking towards slide phones and after some research, seems like Nokia phones has a lot of functions. Nokia’s operating system , Symbian is unique and caught my attention for some reason. I seriously dislike spending a lot on phones but i really like the functions in the phones. My dad agreed to get me one, so I was deciding and thought of giving it a try and decided on Nokia N85.
Now have a look on the phone I decided.(I was lazy to snap pictures of the real phone I bought, so I 
 grabbed these pictures from the net)

I guess it looks better with these photo’s.
Now lets go to my review. So far, its been a good phone to me.
I like the design and the phone itself. This phone is a dual slide phone, the slide upwards is fine but the downwards a little bit hard. And as you can see, it has a navi wheel but I don’t really think its a very cool thing. It has a 5 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and the quality of the images are really nice. It even has an FM transmitter function, where we can transmit music to a FM radio within a range.
And as for me, since I still don’t have a good internet connection 3G works just fine for me. I can get a speed of 70kbps when downloading a file.
Other than that, the phone’s firmware can be upgraded easily. Just check for updates on the phone and it will inform you if there is an upgrade, just use 3G or WiFi and you’re done.
As I said, Symbian phones are unique and has many cool apps and its very flexible. I even used an application to take screen shot of my mobile. And now these are real photo’s of my mobile interface. Have a look on the apps I have on my phone


So these is my review on N85. I guess I’m more than satisfied with it.
Its a great phone and would recommend it to anyone.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


hhhuhuuuuu x tau nak ckap apa lagi tpi haty nie nak ckap jgakk yang aku sdang gumbiraa,,mana x nyer bru blik kg,,heheheh tp sminggu tu mcm x ckup jer...mklumlah dah 3 bulan aku x blik umah!! wow heheheheheh...hurmm syg nk tgglakan adik2 especially my love mum! windu sgt mskan mak heheheh g mana2 pong x kan smer heheheheh...blik nie smua berkumpul..mau x riuh rendah umah d buat nyer hahahah smpai tv terbakar lah..lawak2!!...biarpon ianya hanya sketika tp ckop ber makna buat aku...thanks mum!