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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons)


Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (BECE) program is specially designed to provide students with broad-based knowledge on the basic education and preparation of young children for primary school years and to supporting the teacher training and translating child development theory and research into best practice in the early childhood. This curriculum provides knowledge and skill development in establishing a safe, secure and stimulating environment for young children. Students will develop an understanding of children's physical and mental needs, social, cognitive, creative, and emotional development. In this course, student will be able to develop teachers who would be instrumental in the nurturing and the guidance of preschool children.

Academic Requirement

Total Credit
Compulsory/Core: 120
Electives: None

Course Duration

Total Semester: 9 semesters
Duration: 3 Years


Major Intake: March, May and November

Core Subject Description

  1. Philosophy of Early Childhood Education.
  2. Health, Safety and nutrition.
  3. Learning through play.
  4. Children with special needs and early childhood education.
  5. Curriculum design.
  6. Theory and practice.
  7. Gifted children and early childhood education.
  8. Mathematics for young children.
  9. Science and living thing for young children.
  10. Curriculum and learning activities for nursery.
  11. Observing and assessing young children.
  12. Managing early childhood centers.
  13. Practical.

Professional Recognition

Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA)


"Does a BECE give me a god job opportunity after graduation?"
Yes - Malaysia is a country where there are pre-schools at almost every corner. Very often, parents complain that there lack good, qualified and dedicated teachers. Any graduate that has a BECE qualification and enjoys working with children will be sought after.
"Is it easy to be an early childhood teacher?"
It's a question of personal disposition. Young children are sometimes demanding but they are often lovable. At the same time, parents expect a lot from pre-school nowadays. As such, being a pre-school teacher is not that difficult but being a "good" one can be quite challenging.
"Is the BECE course all theory and no practical?"
There is no doubt that we encourage our students to develop a rigourous understanding of the theory behind early childhood education. However, we have a working relationship with a number of pre-schools so that our students develop practical and applied knowledge.